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23rd April 2018

7 Steps to Develop a Business Continuity Plan

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While there are many conflicting statistics about if and how long a business will stay afloat after it has experienced a disaster, one thing is certain, we are witnessing an increasing number of incidents from natural disasters, accidents, sabotage, power and energy disruptions, environmental disasters and cyber-attacks. Is your business prepared to weather one of […]

10th April 2018

How to determine if & when your IA initiatives might be ready for a CoE

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Process automation has been a critical part of the conversation for shared services leaders for years as organizations continue to strive for performance excellence and demand high value creation from their shared services centers.  With new technologies emerging, like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), automation is undergoing a paradigm shift in terms of its usage and […]

27th March 2018

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About RPA

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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) exactly? Within “RPA”, the term Robot can be considered slightly misleading, conjuring up images of shiny silver robots, sitting and working away at partitioned stations, in place of where people once sat.  This really couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all, RPA is an automation software solution, […]

7th March 2018

BLOG: Intelligent Automation Process Selection 101

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Organizations continuously strive to achieve greater efficiencies and more streamlined operations as a matter of course, particularly with Shared Services.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the latest value driver to promise a quantum advance for Shared Services.  It introduces greater speed, efficiency, standardization and accuracy and is well suited to automate repetitive, high volume, rules-based […]

31st January 2018

Design a Service Partnership Agreement for Your Shared Services

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Today, Shared Services Organizations (SSOs) are relying on interactive and two-way Service Partnership Agreements to lead the way. A successful client relationship must be built upon a strong foundation.  This means understanding the client’s expectations and being upfront about your requirements to deliver against these expectations.  Many organizations do not have formal agreements, especially for […]

30th January 2018

3 Key Aspects of Shared Services Optimization

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Download our comprehensive and powerful guide on SHARED SERVICES – ASSESSMENT, OPTIMIZATION, GROWING When considering moving further down the path of shared services,  we recommend exploring 3 key aspects of shared services optimization – Assessment, Optimization and Growing. Assessment Improve customer satisfaction while maintaining (and expanding) efficiency Implement appropriate and valuable benchmarks and KPIs Recommended tools: […]

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